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Uploading Records to EPIC

  • Request outside records to your Doximity account fax
  • Open Doximity in Epic virtual desktop browser window (internet explorer)
  • Open faxed documents, and save your document as PDF to desktop of the virtual desktop
  • Click the "Epic" dropdown menu (the same one where you "Change Context")
  • Hover over “Pt Care” then click "Media Manager" (pin to avoid extra clicks next time)
  • Select your pt
  • Click "Scan;" a popup window will appear
  • On the popup window, click "File" > "Import File"
  • In the bottom right-hand corner, change the file type from "Image Files" to "PDF Files"
  • Search for your saved document under "Downloads" or “Desktop” and select "Open"
  • The documents should appear in the popup window. On the right-hand side, under "Store Images As:" scroll down and select "Outside Medical Records"
  • Click "Upload Images;" name them as you choose