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Editors, Authors, and Reviewers


Kristijan Bogdanovski, MD, Julie Giannini, MD, and Spencer Lessans, MD

Resident Editors

Anesthesia: Alex Brown, MD and Camile Adajar, MD

Cardiology: John Mitchell, MD, Emily Walsh, MD, and Nicholas Weinand, MD

Critical Care: Alexandra Flemington, MD

Endocrinology: Kinsley Ojukwu, MD (2023)

Gastroenterology: Katy Welp, MD

Geriatrics: Mallory Bryant, MD

Hematology/Oncology: Thomas Gracie, MD, Matthew Lu, MD, and Alexis Froehlich, MD

Hepatology: Ahmad Yanis, MD

Hospital Medicine: Christine Hamilton, MD

Infectious Diseases: Alexis Froehlich, MD

Nephrology: Emily Walsh, MD

Neurology: Meghan Nicholas, MD, Lauren Osborne, MD, and Eesha Oza, MD

Ophthalmology: Jonathan Barnett, MD (2023)

Outpatient Medicine: Lauren Waskowitz, MD

Palliative Care: Liana Mosley, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Jakob Dovgan, MD, Douglas Bryant, MD, William Galbraith, DO, and Nicholas Abramson, MD (2023)

Procedures: Rochelle Prokupets, MD

Psychiatry: Benjamin Johnson, MD

Pulmonary: Bailey DeCoursey, MD and Justin Smith, MD

Radiology: Austin Glenn, MD, Lane Polk, MD, Kyle Maughan, MD & Nicholas Schreiter, MD

Rheumatology: Tina Arkee, MD and Lale Ertuglu, MD

Toxicology: John Mitchell (2023)

Faculty Reviewers

Anesthesia: Brandon Pruett, MD

Cardiology: Lisa Mendes, MD and Jared O'Leary, MD

Critical Care: Todd Rice, MD

Endocrinology: Laura Heller, MD

Gastroenterology: Patrick Yachimski, MD

Geriatrics: Mariu Duggan, MD, MPH

Hematology/Oncology: Rajiv Agarwal, MD and Vivek Patel, MD

Hepatology: Manhal J. Izzy, MD

Hospital Medicine: Chase J. Webber, DO

Infectious Diseases: Milner Staub, MD, MPH and Sean Kelly, MD

Nephrology: JP Arroyo, MD, PhD, Edward Gould, MD, and Beatrice Concepcion, MD

Neurology: Matthew Meriweather, MD

Ophthalmology: John Bond, MD

Outpatient: Jennifer K. Green, MD, MPH

Palliative Care: Mohana Karlekar, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: C. J. Plummer, MD

Procedures: Garren Montgomery, MD

Psychiatry: Kristopher Kast, MD and David Marcovitz, MD

Pulmonary: Meredith Pugh, MD

Radiology: Reza Imani, MD

Rheumatology: Kevin Byram, MD

Toxicology: Rebecca E. Bruccoleri, MD and Saralyn R. Williams, MD